Do you want to know about Thor cosplay costumes?

Thor Odinson, the son of Odin and Gaia, was born in a Norwegian cave on the Earth and was brought back to Asgard to grow up with the adopted Loki, the son of the Frost Giant, and gained the qualification to use the Thor’s Hammber. He is the guardian and heir to the Asgard.

But he gradually became arrogant, so he was exiled to the Earth by his father Odin to learn humility in the human environment. He lives in the image of doctor Donald Black, and does not have the memory of Thor.

Later, he fell into a cave in an accident when travelling in Norway, where he picked up a wooden cane, and after his cane became the Thor’s Hammer, Thor also restored his identity and ability, and became a superhero, protecting the earth.

The enemy of Thor, Loki, the son of Frost Giant, adopted by Odin, soon appeared, and has been hostile to Thor since then. Loki once wanted to provoke the Hulk to be hostile to Thor, but it turned to Thor and Iron Man, the Hulk, the Hornets and the Ants to form a superhero Avengers League.
Thor participate in the affairs of the Avengers League as Donald Black, a doctor to cover his secrets, but the matter was soon noticed by Iron Man, and then Thor himself also revealed his identity to the Captain America.

The double life of Thor and the superhero made his relationship with the female nurse Jane Foster a lot of twists and turns. Thor once wanted to marry Jane Foster, but this incident caused a strong opposition from Odin, leading to conflict between father and son. Thor hopes to give the status of the god to Jane Foster, but Odin proves that Jane Foster does not have the goddess qualifications and erases the memory of Jane Foster. Thor had to give up altogether, and later renewed his forefront with the childhood goddess Sif.

Thor cosplay costumes
Thor is a Nordic god waving a hammer. He is the boy of Odin. Raytheon has unshakable courage and responsibility, as well as unparalleled physical strength. Therefore, he is the defender of Asgard and the Earth. In popular culture, Raytheon is a superhero based on Marvel comics.

Thor is very cool after wearing his outfit, and many fans want to cosplay him. He is a hero and has a good image in many people’s hearts. Therefore, before cosplay, you must pick the right costumes.

Where to get the costume?

Regarding the Thor’s Hammer, you can make it yourself, this is not a difficult thing. You can find the right materials from home and cut out your Thor’s Hammer according to that in the movie. You can carefully know the details about Thor’s costume in many ways. Of course, you can also find the cosplay costume you need through the online store QualityCosplay. The costumes here are of high quality and you don’t need wait for a long time. And you are also very welcome to check out the other Thor cosplay costumes.

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