Thor cosplay costumes

Thor is one of the most popular movie characters of the moment

Thor is a science fiction action movie produced by Marvel Comics and is the fourth film in the Marvel movie universe. Directed by Kenneth Brana, Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Natalie Portman and others.

The film tells the story of Thor Odinson, who was banished to Earth to learn how to be a true hero.

In 965 AD, the Frost Giants attacked the earth in Norway, and all the aggression was frozen. Odin took Jotunheim divine power “Ice Box” and returns to Asgard with the rest of the army. A few years after the end of the war, Odin told Thor and Loki, that only one of them could inherit the throne.

Now Thor is about to take over the father’s throne, but during the coronation ceremony, the three Frost Giants broke into the underground treasure chest to recapture the Ice Box, and finally was killed. Thor, who was unable to become a king because of that, was full of anger and killed many people of Jotunheim. After that, the king of the Frost Giants decided to launch the war again. Odin arrived in time to rescue Thor back to Asgard. Because Thor was still obsessed with it, Odin was disappointed with him, so he deprived Thor of the power and used the Rainbow Bridge to expel him.

Thor was transferred to the desert area of New Mexico. Soon after Thor was expelled, Loki found out that he was actually an Frost Giant after the previous battle. He asked Odin to let him admit that Loki was rescued in the Temple of Jotunheim after the war. The Frost Giants baby is the birth son of Lafite. Loki, who can’t accept the facts, suspects that it is always better than Thor because of his parents’ prejudice, and Odin fainted because of the pressure he was under, and Loki also took control of everything as King Asgard.

 After hitting several agents and touching the hammer, Thor could not get it because he was not qualified. Finally, he was taken into custody after shouting. Loki came to the detained Thor in invisibility and lied that Odin had passed away. In order to prevent his brother from returning, Loki sent the destroyer to the earth, letting it begin to destroy the town, and Thor was seriously injured and stunned in order to save everyone.

Because Thor sacrificed his life for others, he regained the qualification to pick up the hammer, and the hammer in the pit instantly separated from the ground and flew directly to Thor. Thor immediately awake, restores the armor and manipulates the lightning power, and directly destroys the destroyer into pieces. Before returning by the Rainbow Bridge, Thor promised that he would definitely return. Loki then attacked Jotunheim through the Rainbow Bridge, trying to prove that he was stronger than his brother Thor. When Thor returned and found it unable to stop, he used his hammer to smash the Rainbow Bridge.

Thor, who became a true hero after this incident, was praised by his father, but was sad for the broken Rainbow Bridge on the road to Earth.


Thor Odinson, the son of Odin and Gaia, was born in a Norwegian cave on the earth and was brought back to Asgard to grow up with Loki, the son adopted of the Frost Giants. Obtained the qualification to use Quake. He is the guardian and heir to the Immortal Palace.

The father of the gods, Odin, fought the king of the Frost Giants and finally succeeded in killing the enemy. He found a baby in the base of Snow Giant, so he took him back to Asgard and let him grow up with his child Thor; the baby is Loki.

Laufey is the king of the Giants of Jotunheim. He has led his men to war against Asgard many times, but in the end he was defeated by Odin and Thor.

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