What should I pay attention to when I become a professional cosplayer?

Doctor Strange is another Marvel movie. Based on the Marvel Comics, the film is the 14th film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. About Stephen “Steve” Vincent Strange originally is a good surgery experts, as a result of a car accident its hands can no longer use a scalpel to work properly, in order to cure his hands Stephen in the Himalayas to visit the legendary sovereign sorcerer old One (Ancient One), is the Ancient a fancy and teach its ability to use magic, Dr Stephen incarnation singular guard the world, after the master died after take over as the supreme mage against invasion of ma. Strange has the powerful magical ability, can materialize the energy, material transfer, mind-power, space transfer, illusion and spirit separation, etc. In terms of physical fitness, he has also received strict martial arts training, is one of the marvel world’s top superheroes

In terms of the subject matter of superheroes, marvel is like a duck to water. The film seems wonderful, but it is lively and vocal in the details, reasonable and reasonable, so it is acceptable.Strange is so popular that people often wear his clothes. Let’s take a look at Strange’s role-playing costume.

The Invisibility Cloak is one of the most striking pieces of the Doctor’s suit and is one of Strange’s weapons. It won’t let you do magic, but you’ll look the handsome in this cape.

It is made of plain velvet and lace, and features delicate curved erect collar lace. The cloak had two golden decorations. The back of the cloak has a black and red plaid pattern, reinforced by embroidery paneling.

Under the cloak was a navy qipao knee – high. The sweatshirt is sleeveless with pleats around the collar and long and pleated hem. On the right front of the shirt, there are also pleats. The whole shirt was dark blue. The trousers are dark blue, too.

In general, it’s consistent with what’s on the screen. It’s very layered, it looks complicated, and it is. In two different designs, the arm is long enough to wrap. The metal ring braid is quite heavy and looks great. This is a very beautiful role-playing costume. Everything is of high quality. I promise this is the highlight of Halloween!

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