Captain America is a superhero of the American Marvel Comics and is regarded as a symbol of the American spirit. The real name is Steve Rogers, born in Brooklyn, New York, on July 4, 1918. He was originally a physically weak young man. After receiving the transformation of the US government, he became a “super warrior” whose physical strength is far more than ordinary people. The “Super Warrior” was given a shield whose material is one of the world’s toughest metals, by the US government. Since then, Steve has made great achievements in World War II, as the identity of Captain America.
Later, in an action at the end of the Second World War, the Captain America and the enemies of the Red Skull launched a fierce battle, and then he fell into the sea and was frozen for nearly 70 years., until he was discovered and thawed by SHIELD before joining the Avengers League. From then on, under the leadership of the Captain America, the Avengers League have risked their lives to win one near-impossible victory after another.
In the 2014 Comics, the former Captain America Steve Rogers was quickly senescent because of the loss of serum due to the attack by Iron Nail. He chose to be succeeded Captain America by Falcon Sam Wilson.
In the movie, the Captain America’s costume has been modified several times, but there are always many classic elements in the costumes. In battles, Captain America usually holds a shield with a strong American color. When playing cosplay of Captain America, you can take a big piece of cardboard and make a shield yourself according to the shield in the movie. Of course, you can also use other materials, but using cardboard is relatively safer.
Cosplay of him
After a series of films were released, people’s love for Captain America increased. The superhero image of the Captain America is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Fans pay tribute to their favorite characters in a variety of ways by collecting popular cultural items such as toys and shirts. captain america winter soldier cosplay costume of Captain America is also becoming an increasingly popular way of expressing the fans’ admiration for the Captain America.
If you want to find a set of cosplay costumes that you are satisfied with and suitable for you in your local stores, it will not be an easy task. First of all, there are not many physical stores selling cosplay costumes. Even if you find them, there will not be a lot of costume styles in the stores. This is not good for your selection. Secondly, even if you find the costumes you like, and fortunately, you have found the right sizes for you, and the price of the costumes is never cheap. Finally, in order to find a set of costume to go on a day, you will be very tired.
Where to fine the costumes?
Buying costumes online is a good choice. You don’t have to keep walking,you can find the right costumes at home, and the price will be much cheaper, you can save a lot of money. QualityCosplay is a good cosplay costumes store, and many customers are recommending it. If you need it, you can browse it on this website.

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