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At the glamorous parties and dances, well-dressed socialites mingle and laugh. Your graceful dancing, seductive eyes, swaying dress and sharp suit are all part of your charm. And in the stars bright, send out the unique brilliance of every gesture, a watch with both aesthetic design and noble quality, is your best choice. Mido Baroncelli III, a classic collection of timeless elegance, draws on the graceful curves of the infinite symmetry of Milan’s Emanuel II archway, with its beautifully sculpted dials that exude a radiant glow of understated luxury. Wear such a watch on your wrist and you will be the most sparkling party elf tonight.

Mido Baroncelli III Women’s Diamond Wrist watch.She is the best combination of low-key and luxurious and synonymous. On the one hand to show people, on the other hand to be rigorous. Beautiful and extravagant appearance with strict and accurate traditional craft. Integration of innovation and inheritance, the highest level of magnificence. Inspired by the Italian Milan Emanuel II galleria women’s diamond watch, Mido Baroncelli series classic work, its appearance, Mido elegant characteristics to a peak.

In the design of this Baronceli III Women’s diamond watch, the highly polished stainless steel case presents a smooth and rounded curve profile; Built-in watch ear, exquisite and beautiful. The 25mm dial is decorated with 40 fully cut diamonds, making it an imposing and dazzling sight. The dazzling light of the diamond is matched by the delicate dial, which holds the eye firmly and presents the ultimate elegance in three dimensions. The gum pattern in the middle of the dial is full of ancient ways and meaningful atmosphere; The Roman numeral scale gives this wrist a serene and melodious weight, endowing the wearer with an intellectual and elegant femininity. The hour, minute and second hands are cut with an inclined diamond, and the blinding sapphire mirror on both sides makes the scale easier to read, helping you easily master the timing in any light atmosphere. The open back shows the carefully carved automatic movement, with Geneva corrugated decoration, with the automatic movement printed with the Mido LOGO. Paired with a black calfskin strap, the Baroncelli III Ladies Watch is sure to make you the star of the party.

Mido Baronceli III Men’s Observatory watch. Swiss Mido watch launched the elegant Baroncelli men’s observatory watch series. An introverted, ornate silver dial with a double bezel is a stern reflection of your scrupulous self; Roman numeral scale with gum pattern, highlighting the rich Italian style, expressing your arbitrary romantic inner nature; The observatory certified automatic movement is a powerful embodiment of your man’s strength, helping you accurately grasp every critical moment.

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